What is Executive Coaching and how does it work?

Executive coaching is a collaborative process that helps executives become more successful, leading to greater self awareness and increased performance at work.

Coaching is solution focused, goal oriented and measurable. It starts with establishing a relationship with you, understanding your priorities, goals and personal vision of success. It is followed by an overall assessment, which can include 360 Feedback, self reports and tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a personality test which helps to identify an individual's interests, values, motivations and strengths. Through challenging conversations, assessment tool results and numerous in-depth interviews, a development plan is created and steps are outlined for implementation.

How will Executive Coaching benefit me?

The coach's mission is to provide support to the client, brainstorm to generate creative solutions and resolve challenges, as well as to assist an individual in recognizing their talents and assets.

The client's responsibility is to be open allow themselves the freedom to think creatively and view every challenge as an opportunity, knowing that steps taken today will result in a more fulfilled and whole person tomorrow.

Is my information kept confidential?

The relationship between career coach and client is built upon trust and full disclosure in order to most accurately determine the individual's path forward. This can only be achieved if it is understood that no information will be shared unless previously agreed. All materials utilized during the assessment, evaluation and brainstorming process are strictly confidential.

Can we work remotely?

Definitely! Sessions can take place via telephone, email and fax. We can schedule teleconferences at your convenience, during the day or in the evenings. Our services are not limited by geographical boundaries we have worked with individuals around the corner and around the globe.

How long do you typically work with individuals? What is the associated cost?

The length of time spent coaching individuals depends on the level of assistance they request and require. Of course, it ultimately depends on your budget and your goals.
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