Executive Coaching

The JML Group Ltd. brings the experience, credentials, resources and perspective to deliver high-impact executive coaching. We combine backgrounds in executive search and psychology to help our middle/senior management clients to maximize their potential for success.

Results-oriented leaders report that executive coaching "sharpens their personal & competitive edge allowing them to tackle new career & life challenges."We coach executives from well-known Fortune 500/1000 companies, as well as small/midcap companies, to position themselves for career and life success. That translates into better, more meaningful and rewarding relationships at work, at home and in the community. We blend creativity, certified assessment resources and an authentic concern for our clients’ well-being and growth to empower them to build their own corporate life strategy.

We help our clients raise their Emotional Intelligence, because intangible “soft skills” are a distinguishing requirement of impactful management leadership.

Services include the administration of assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) profile, 360° interviews, the Hogan Personality Inventory and self-report questionnaires. We offer packages of three to six months of corporate coaching in which we develop and practice strategies that result in professionals becoming more effective leaders consistent with your company's culture and mission and in line with your personal and corporate core values.

We facilitate the creation of measurable and actionable change management strategies that lead to higher performance and accelerated career plans. When people improve their performance others take notice. Higher personal performance makes your professionals and management more valuable to the organization and puts them in a better position for career advancement. Simply put, we help people increase their net value and added value to their companies.

We integrate knowledge of your work environment, in line with your company's goals, core values and vision. From that data, we synthesize a custom strategy for each client.

The contents of all conversations, test results and written analyses are treated by The JML Group Ltd. as strictly confidential. An individual coaching development plan will be shared with relevant parties as agreed upon in the beginning of the assignment. Phone sessions and extended sessions may apply where deemed necessary.

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