Career Coaching

Career coaching focuses on the work you do now in your career and the issues you have now and for your future career. While it is similar to career counseling and even traditional counseling, it should not be looked at as life coaching which concentrates on personal development. That said, career coaching takes into account a personís expressed interests, objectives, and goals, as in personal coaching. It can be thought of as a career guide with techniques drawn from coaching, as well as advising, mentoring, and consulting.We utilize and incorporate inquiry, reflection, requests, and discussion to help one identify personal and/or business goals and then develop action plans to achieve those goals.

The Facts

The majority of us will work for several companies throughout our career; which may or may not be in a single industry. Today at the middle/senior levels, executive search firms and/or career coaches will be involved in the majority of the career moves.

The Challenge

The challenge is making these moves at the right time in your career to align with and achieve your personal career goals. By updating us with any significant changes in your job/position, as well as important changes in your career goals, we can then advise you on achieving the right balance between your personal growth, job satisfaction, and compensation relative to career aspirations.

Career Management

One aspect of active career management is building long term relationships with a minimum of one executive search firm and/or career coach. Numerous high caliber managers have these relationships with us. Give us the opportunity to help you manage your career in a proactive manner. We are here to assist and support you to achieve the personal growth, as well as maximize your skills/expertise and inherent potential to attain professional advancement.
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